Birding Starter Pack

More ways to interact with Singapore’s rare bird data

Struggling to come up with your next birding destination or your next target bird? Want to find out the best time of year to look for a certain species?

Using past records as a guide is often the best way to make more productive birding journeys, so the team at the Singapore Birds Project has been working on what we hope will be a useful resource to help inform our readers.

Introducing the new, improved Rarities List page, in which we document locally rare species – now with added tables and bar charts which summarize past records. For an example, see the image below.

Clicking the bar chart icon brings up the species chart for Northern Boobook – most records are in early November but a sizable number occur in the spring too… so keep an eye out in the weeks ahead! Clicking on each bar brings up a summary of all the records during that time of the year, and you can click on those rows in the table to view more details on each sighting.

You can also click the table icon next to the species name to show all the records of that species in a tabular format.

Our database now contains over 1400 records and counting – and all this wouldn’t be possible without your support. Thank you, and keep those submissions coming!

Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating, and here’s to more megas in the Year of the Tiger!

[UPDATE 10/2/2022] The computational technique used to place individual records in different weeks was modified slightly and the screenshot above was replaced with the newer format.

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