Meet the team!

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Meet the team!

Adrian Silas Tay

Usually a weekend birder who enjoys photographing all sorts of wildlife with a special interest in birds since 2010. I work as a Job Coach for people with Autism helping them with employability skills and employment.

Favorite bird(s): It’s hard for me to name a favourite bird because I find each of them interesting in their own unique way and if you really want me to make a choice, I will have to say Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Field ID: I can be identified easily because I respond readily to offers of celebratory cendol

Clarice Yan

Currently an undergraduate at the Asian School of the Environment, with an avid interest in ornithology and conservation! As a pretty inexperienced birder I hope to spend more time learning about (and photographing) birds worldwide, and conducting research for conservation purposes. While not studying and drowning in work, I can usually be found wandering around in search of birds, having a very leisurely cup of coffee with friends, or playing Genshin Impact.

Favourite bird(s): It used to be the Malaysian Plover but I may or may not have switched to the bee eaters recently…

ID features: Usually wearing a drifit shirt and black fieldpants while lugging a bazooka of a camera around.

Dillen Ng

I work in the field of terrestrial ecology and I like to spend my free time birding (read: twitching), watching soccer/NBA, or planning my next trip. Started birding in 2016 and regret not starting when I was born. Always looking to pick up something new but there are never enough hours in a day?!

Favorite bird(s): I don’t actually have a favourite bird and my answer changes every time I get asked this question. But if I had to pick a bird in Singapore, it would be the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher because it is the first bird that I can remember twitching for (the first of many).

Field ID: Some people have told me that I am more handsome than Keita although I believe that we are equally good-looking. In the field, can be seen with a pair of Vortex bins that are often misidentified as Swarovskis (if you say it enough times does it become true??) and without sunblock.

Elize Ng

Currently a PhD student at University of Tasmania studying Antarctic seabird genomics (but at the moment over wintering in Singapore for an extended unknown period). Not really a lister (I do not have a life list written down *gasps!*), but goes out birding whenever the sun and clouds do not align. When she is not birding, which is usually the case these days because of covid, she is usually playing games or watching kdramas

Favourite bird(s): Shamas and Tropicbirds, but I just like birds with fancy tails 😉

Field ID: In field you can always find me in two-tier pony tail and with a really tattered Zeiss Terra Binoculars that is screaming for a replacement soon

Francis Yap

Founder of the Singapore Birds Project and resident curmudgeon. Occasionally guiding the younger folks to take over the world.

Geraldine Lee

I started birding after a school trip to Sri Lanka in my university days (they have amazing birds!! Visit Sri Lanka today!!!) and realised that Singapore had some pretty cool avifauna too. Casual birder and twitcher.

Favourite bird(s): Green Broadbill because it goes onyyoooynyoynoynyoonyo and it’s very green! But also sometimes Black Baza because that’s a very handsome boi.

Field ID: I usually have some sugary drink with me in field. Mostly quiet (sorry, I’m not being rude or ignoring you, I’m just shy!!) but gets exponentially louder when around people I know (ie. Sandra n Movin)

Goh Cheng Teng

Birder, photographer or both, depending on the bird, location, or who you ask. Photographing wildlife in general and birds in particular since 2009, other subjects for longer. I am a software engineer by trade.

Favourite bird(s): Black-winged Kite

Field ID: Tall, spectacled, with binoculars. Front slings a Nikon 500mm f/4.

Kee Jing Ying

Currently a final year undergraduate at NUS, majoring in environmental studies. Got interested in birds because I saw a collared kingfisher haha (and it’s been about 3 years but I still have a lot to learn and wishing there’s more time to go birding…) I find it really cool how migratory birds land in the most random places, and it’s also cool hearing the stories of random people I meet when (occasionally) twitching birds. Interested in conservation and social innovation 🙂

Favourite bird(s): Owls, pittas, and birds with big eyes

Field ID: My camera is bigger than me

Lim Hong Yao

I’m a keen birdwatcher, naturalist and wildlife photographer who frequently wishes he were retired (im 27 and only half-joking) so I can spend more time outdoors casually rather than working. Other hobbies include squash, basketball, dota, anime, hiking, and lying down.

Favourite bird(s): Trogons! They’re chubby and tiny-legged and grumpy and flamboyant. Sadly Singapore doesn’t have any.

Field ID: Tall human being with binos and camera. Does not usually talk to strangers unless provoked consecutively.

Movin Nyanasengeran

Currently, a PhD student in National University of Singapore, working on better understanding regional bird diversity and how it relates to earth-history and conservation. An avid regional (hopefully more globally as restrictions ease) birder, he gains energy from the people around him.

When not birding, he enjoys cooking, baking, yoga, music, memeing and other extroverted activities in general.

Favourite bird(s): Pigeons are the best because they have the chonkiest bodies with the tiniest of pin-heads.

Field ID: Always in shorts and slippers, (not so) occasionally barefoot.

Raghav Narayanswamy

Birding since 2012. Aggressively twitching since 2021.

Favourite bird(s): Flycatchers!

Field ID: Normally found away from the more popular birding destinations, unless there’s something to twitch.

Richard White

A birder from a very early age, Richard migrated to Singapore in 2014. While his primary focus is birds, he’s happy to learn as much as possible about the biodiversity of wherever he is.

Favourite bird(s): Difficult question but the easy answer is whatever I am looking at. I really enjoy obscure birds, like pipits. But top of the list would have to be seabirds.

Field ID: Botak angmoh. Sometimes carries a scope/tripod combination. This description sounds like someone else I know. Confused?

Sandra Chia

Resident introvert. Have been birding locally since 2014 and regionally since 2017. Probably lying on the floor with my cat, playing Maplestory or watching anime when I’m not. Interested in birds, community building and chocolate.

Favourite bird(s): Golden-bellied Gerygone because it has the best song and was the first bird I learnt to recognise by call.

Field ID: Short and probably sitting/lying on the floor somewhere.

Sin Yong Chee Keita

Chasing feathered animals since 2014. I conduct research in the National University of Singapore and my work mainly involves exploring various evolutionary questions. I hope to pique people’s interest in birds and nature through the Singapore Birds Project. My friends claim that I sound intimidating because of my voice and accent (?) but I’m not!!1!1!

Favourite bird(s): Swifts! In Singapore specifically the Pacific Swift and Needletails. They eat, drink, and mate in the air. I can’t do any of that.

Field ID: Big brown pouch by my waist that has a notebook and mic sticking out. I apparently look older than I am.

P.S. Prolonged standing makes me faint, please excuse me if I suddenly sit down/start walking around when chatting in the field.

Tan Hui Zhen

I love birding and wildlife photography and have also had the privilege of conducting avian research and surveys.

Favourite bird(s): Spoon-billed sandpiper!

Field ID: Tall human being with binos and camera

Yip Jen Wei

Undergraduate and birding since 2019, and aggressively twitching from 2020 onwards. I began birding because it’s a lot like Pokemon and because I am constantly amazed by the flora, fauna, cityscapes and good views on this tiny island. I have an unhealthy obsession with list keeping and numbers. Besides birds, I enjoy other forms of photography, outdoor activities and spending too much time on Facebook/eBird/iNaturalist.

Favourite bird(s): Zebra Dove

Field ID: Towel and binos around my neck. Probably slouching, please remind me to stand up straight.

Zachary Chong

Currently an undergraduate at the Asian School of the Environment, working on better time management to bird more often (Jokes). I am interested in learning more about avian ecology and the creation of micro-habitats for birds.
My hobbies are (accidentally) sleeping in on birding days, reading manga and playing ultimate.

Favourite bird(s): Plovers! Small white balls that run up to you! Plovering is a very relaxing activity.

Field ID: A kid in a dri-fit shirt, a jungle hat, black sweatpants and shoes.

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