Amur Falcon

Scientific Name: Falco amurensis
Malay Name: Rajawali Kaki Merah Timur
Chinese Name: 红脚隼

Found from eastern Siberia, northern Korea to north-eastern China and winters to sub-Saharan Africa, Nepal, India, Indochina and the Thai-Malay Peninsula


Size: 28-31 cm

Male resembles adult Peregrine Falcon but is smaller and has diagnostic red eyering, cere and feet, pale grey underparts and rufous-chestnut vent. Female resembles male but has dark streaked underparts, barred uppertail-coverts and buffy-white vent. Juvenile resembles female but has pale yellow eyering and cere.

Similar looking species: Eurasian Hobby, Oriental Hobby, Peregrine Falcon

Habitat: Reclaimed land and open habitats near the coast.

Behaviour/Ecology: Often hunts and catches insects on the wing. Sometimes hovers while hunting.

Local Status: Very rare vagrant

Conservation Status: Least Concern (BirdLife International 2016)

Location: Only 3 confirmed records at Changi Reclaimed Land on 21 November 2007, at Seletar Dam on 16 December 2016 and at Tanah Merah Coast Road on 26 November 2017.


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