Year in Review – 2022!

2022 was perhaps an improved year from a Singapore birding perspective – we could enjoy our feathered friends with more comfort compared to the previous two years thanks to the still ongoing incredible efforts to combat the global pandemic. The was a year filled with excitement ranging from the many Himalayan Vultures spilling over from last year, irruption of rarities at Chek Jawa, and a raptor watching season with an abundance of Pied Harriers (including one long staying that offered great photo opportunities) and a more than average numbers of Short-toed Snake-eagles and Besra/Shikra sparrowhawks. Three new species were added to Singapore’s checklist: Black-backed Swamphen (that prompted a review of an older record), Black-headed Ibis and Brown-breasted Flycatcher.

All these records of local rarities are properly documented and curated in our database, and we’re thankful to all of you who have submitted your records. By combining these with other citizen science efforts, this year we’ve also started preparing monthly roundups, accurate bar charts, and various tools to guide everyone’s birding journey. While keeping up with the busy birding scene we’re also glad to have started organising guided walks and booths. Three walks at Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, as well as three weeks worth of raptor watching at the Henderson Waves bridge.

More people are showing an interest in biodiversity and many have joined our birding community this year, a trend we’re happy to see. We believe that this energy can be channelled into improving our knowledge on birds as well as into conservation. We hope that the Singapore Birds Project’s works have come in handy and thank all of you for the overwhelming support. See you in the field next year and happy birding!

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