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Finding past rarity records by date

Trying to figure out your next birding destination but don’t know what to go looking for or what to expect? We’ve got you covered!

The latest addition to the growing functionality on the Singapore Bird Database is date-based search (in addition to the existing species-based search on our page).

How does it work?

Simply use the “search by date” option on the Singapore Bird Database search page, or on the “On this day” page. You can filter both by date and by year. We’ll give you all the records in our database which fall during the time period.

You’ll find, for instance, that the first days of October are a pretty busy time!

What else is new?

An “On this week” page is also live, to complement the existing “On this day” page. It’ll display all the records from history in the week from today (for today, 30 Sep, it’ll show everything from 30 Sep to 6 Oct).

We hope you’ll enjoy these new features. You can tell us if there’s anything else you want to see, or if something is wrong.

(Cover photo: Chinese Blue Flycatcher at Jurong Lake Gardens on 11 Oct 2020, photo credit: Francis Yap)

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