Javan Myna

Scientific Name: Acridotheres javanicus
Malay Name: Gembala-Kerbau Sawah Jawa
Chinese Name: 爪哇八哥

Breeding range in Java, but introduced in many Asian countries.


Size: 24-25 cm

Dark grey overall with whitish or pale yellow iris and yellow bill. Undertail coverts are white, with yellow legs. Prominent white base to primaries visible in flight. Compared to Common Myna, much greyer in appearance and lacks the bare patch of yellow skin around its eyes.

Similar looking species: Common Myna

Habitat: Open habitat, scrub vegetation, forest edge.

Behaviour/Ecology: Omnivorous, forages on ground and sometimes trees, often associated with humans in urban habitats. Roosts in large groups in trees.

Local Status: Common introduced resident

Conservation Status: Vulnerable (BirdLife International 2020)

Location: Widely distributed in Singapore.


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BirdLife International. (2020). Acridotheres javanicus. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2020. Downloaded on 2 September 2021