Jambu Fruit Dove

Scientific Name: Ptilinopus jambu

Malay Name: Punai-Gading Jambu

Chinese Name: 粉头果鸠

Range: Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Indonesia

Taxonomy: Monotypic.

Size: 26.5-27 cm

Identification: Male has greenish upperparts, crimson face, white eyering, white underparts with pink flush on foreneck and upperbreast. Female has mostly green overall plumage with greyish-purple face. Juvenile resembles female but has greenish face.

Habitat: Forest, wooded areas and matured gardens and parks.


Local Status: Uncommon visitor

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (BirdLife International 2017)

Location: Central Catchment Forest, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Dairy Farm Nature Park, Bidadari, Kent Ridge Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden.


BirdLife International. (2017). Ramphiculus jambu. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 2017. https://dx.doi.org/10.2305/IUCN.UK.2017-1.RLTS.T22691341A111022249.en. Accessed on 1 January 2023

Robson, C. (2014). Field guide to the birds of South-East Asia (Second Edition). Bloomsbury Publishing, London.

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