Barred Eagle-Owl

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Scientific Name: Ketupa sumatrana

Malay Name: Burung-Hantu Bertanduk Belang Melayu

Chinese Name: 马来雕鸮

Range: Found from Thai-Malay Peninsula to Sumatra, Java and Borneo.

Taxonomy: Polytypic. Subspecies are: sumatrana, strepitans, tenuifasciata.

Local Subspecies: sumatrana

Size: 45.5-46.5 cm

Identification: Adult has brown-and-buff bars on its upperparts, blackish-and-whitish bars on its underparts, dark eyes and very distinctive outward facing ear tufts. Head and body of juvenile whitish with narrower bars.

Habitat: Forest, forest edge, secondary growth and plantation.

Behaviour/Ecology: Diet includes grasshoppers, beetles, rodents, birds and snakes. Had been observed to prey on Long-tailed Macaque.

Local Status: Rare resident

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (BirdLife International 2022)

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