White-throated Rock Thrush

Scientific Name: Monticola gularis
Malay Name: Tarum Rengkung Putih
Chinese Name: 白喉矶鸫

Found from Siberia, Northeastern China to North Korea and winter to Southern China, Indochina and Thai-Malay Peninsula


Size: 18-19.5 cm

Non-breeding male has rufous-chestnut lores/malar/rump/underparts, white throat/wing patch, bluish crown/nape and pale fringes on upperparts. Breeding male has no pale fringings. Female has mostly greyish-brown body with blackish bars on upperparts (except crown and tail), heavy blackish scales on underparts (except belly and vent), whitish throat/submoustachial stripe and small whitish patch behind ear-coverts. First winter resembles non-breeding adults.

Habitat: Forest, secondary growth and suitable wooded area.

Behaviour/Ecology: Forages on the floor of the forest, including along path and at the edge of quiet stretches of road through forest.

Local Status: Very rare migrant

Conservation Status: Least Concern (BirdLife International 2016)

Location: Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (summit) and Bidadari.


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