Thick-billed Spiderhunter

Scientific Name: Arachnothera crassirostris
Malay Name: Kelicap-Jantung Paruh Tebal
Chinese Name: 厚嘴捕蛛鸟

Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Sumatra and Borneo


Size: 16.5-17 cm

Identification: Adult resembles Little Spiderhunter but has thicker bill, greyish-olive throat and upper breast, broken yellowish eyering and no white tail-tip. Juvenile has greyer underparts.

Similar looking species: Little Spiderhunter

Habitat: Forest, forest edge and secondary growth.

Behaviour/Ecology: Frequents canopy and upper mid-stratum of forest, making observation difficult.

Local Status: Very rare resident

Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)

Location: Central Catchment Forest.


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