Tanimbar Corella

Scientific Name: Cacatua goffiniana
Malay Name: Kakaktua Tanimbar
Chinese Name: 戈氏凤头鹦鹉
Alternative Name(s): Tanimbar Cockatoo

Tanimbar Island in Indonesia.


Size: 32 cm

All white cockatoo with short crest and white eye ring. Grey legs and bill with light pink feathers around base of bill. Separated from Yellow-crested Cockatoo by lack of yellow crest and more compact build.

Similar looking species: Tanimbar Corella

Habitat: Lightly wooded habitats in Singapore, although often found foraging away from forests, even around housing estates.

Behaviour/Ecology: Presence given away by loud, raucous screeches.

Local Status: Uncommon introduced resident.

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (BirdLife International 2018)

Location: Most wooded parks. Pasir Ris Park, Ulu Pandan Park Connector, Kent Ridge Park, Southern Ridges, Sentosa.

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