Grey-headed Swamphen

Scientific Name: Porphyrio poliocephalus
Malay Name: Panglin Biasa
Chinese Name: 紫水鸡

Breeding Range: Middle East and Indian subcontinent to s China, n Thailand, Andaman and Nicobar Is.

Polytypic. Subspecies are: poliocephalus, viridis, seistanicus

Local Subspecies: viridis

Size: 28-29 cm

Identification: Distinguished from Common Moorhen by bigger size, dark purplish blue overall plumage, red stout bill, frontal shield and legs, whitish undertail-coverts and blackish-brown wings. Juvenile resembles adult but has paler plumage and duller frontal shield.

Similar looking speciesCommon Moorhen

Habitat: Freshwater wetlands.

Behaviour/Ecology: Often seen feeding in the open by picking up food material while walking on floating vegetation.

Local Status: Uncommon resident

Location: Recent sightings were at Kranji Marsh, Lorong Halus and Tampines Eco Green.


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