Greater Painted-snipe

Scientific Name: Rostratula benghalensis

Malay Name: Meragi Biasa

Chinese Name: 彩鹬

Range: Found from Africa to the Indian subcontinent, China, southern Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Taxonomy: Monotypic.

Size: 23-26 cm

Identification: Differentiated from other snipe species by distinctive white spectacles, narrow buffish median stripe and bill that droops slightly at tip. Female has blackish crown, dark maroon-chestnut head, neck and upper breast, blackish breast band, white belly and white band around shoulder. Plumage of male is somewhat paler with greyish brown head-sides, neck, upper breast and rich buffish markings on wing-coverts. Juvenile resembles male but wing-coverts greyer.

Habitat: Freshwater marshes and well-vegetated wetlands.

Behaviour/Ecology: Quite secretive and mainly crepuscular.

Local Status: Uncommon resident

Conservation Status: Least Concern (BirdLife International 2016)

Location: Recent sightings were at Lorong Halus, Kranji Marsh, Pasir Ris and Jurong Central Park.

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