Christmas Frigatebird

Scientific Name: Fregata andrewsi
Malay Name: Simbang Pulau Natal
Chinese Name: 白腹军舰鸟

Breeds on Christmas Island with non-breeder wanders widely across the seas of Southeast Asia to Indochina and south to northern Australia


Size: 92-102 cm

Male has overall blackish plumage with contrasting white belly patch and red gular pouch. Female has black hood with white on the rest of underparts and black bar extending from base of forewing to side of breast. Juvenile resembles female but has rufous to brownish white head and black breast-band.

Similar looking species: Lesser Frigatebird

Habitat: Open seas, islets and occasionally stray inland.

Behaviour/Ecology: Typically seen soaring aimlessly in small groups, often following ships.

Local Status: Rare non-breeding visitor.

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered (BirdLife International 2018)

Location: Last sighting was at Straits of Singapore in May 2013. Also sighted at Sungei Buloh and National Stadium.


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