Chinese Egret

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Scientific Name: Egretta eulophotes
Malay Name: Bangau Cina
Chinese Name: 黄嘴白鹭

Found from southeast China to Korea, wintering in Southeast Asia


Size: 68 cm

Non-breeding adult resembles other egret species but can be distinguished by greenish legs and yellowish-orange lower mandible. Breeding adult has all yellowish-orange bill, shaggy nuchal crest, blue facial skin, blackish legs with yellowish-orange feet.

Similar looking species: Eastern Cattle Egret, Great Egret, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret, Pacific Reef Heron

Habitat: Mudflats and other coastal habitats

Behaviour/Ecology: Feeds actively. Often runs, flies and darts across mudflats in search of food

Local Status: Rare migrant

Conservation Status: Vulnerable (BirdLife International 2016)

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