Black-thighed Falconet

Scientific Name: Microhierax fringillarius
Malay Name: Rajawali-Belalang Melayu
Chinese Name: 黑腿小隼 

Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to the Greater Sundas


Size: 15-17 cm

Adult has blackish crown, ear-covert patch, nape and upperparts, whitish forehead, narrow down-curving supercilium, throat and upper-breast and chestnut rest of underparts. Juvenile resembles adult but has pale chestnut supercilium

Habitat: Forest, forest edge and suitable wooded areas.

Behaviour/Ecology: Frequently darts out rapidly from a perch to capture flying insects. Will also attack small birds.

Local Status: Very rare non-breeding visitor

Conservation Status: Least Concern (BirdLife International 2016)

Location: Last two confirmed sightings were at Malcolm Park/Goldhill Ave on 30 May 2021 and National Equestrian Centre on 9 July 2021.

Previous confirmed sightings were an immature at Jalan Ulu Sembawang (11 Oct 1979, 2 Oct 1983, 1 Dec 1983 and 12 Apr 1986) and an adult at Central Catchment Forest on 7 Oct 1990. The two recent records at Bukit Batok Nature Park on 23 Oct and 27 Nov 2005 could not be ascertained.


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