Red-necked Phalarope

Scientific Name: Phalaropus lobatus
Malay Name: Kedidi-Jarum Leher Merah
Chinese Name: 红颈瓣蹼鹬

Found throughout northern Holarctic and winters to the Arabian Sea, Southeast Asia and  offshore Peru


Size: 17-19 cm

Identification: Non-breed adult has mostly greyish upperparts, whitish underparts, isolated blackish mask and needle-like blackish bill. Juvenile resembles non-breeding adult but has darker to blackish crown, upperparts and wing-coverts.

Habitat: Open sea, marshes near the coast and mudflats.

Behaviour/Ecology: Mostly winters at open sea.

Local Status: Very rare migrant

Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)

Location: There were 3 confirmed records: Tuas marshes (November 1994), Singapore Straits (April 2011) and Pulau Tekong (November 2016).


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