Pied Stilt

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Scientific Name: Himantopus leucocephalus

Malay Name: Kedidi Kaki-Panjang Australasia

Chinese Name: 澳洲长脚鹬

Alternative Name(s): White-headed Stilt, Australian Stilt

Range: Found from Indonesia to Australia and New Zealand.

Taxonomy: Monotypic.

Size: 35 cm

Identification: Adult resembles Black-winged Stilt but has long black "mane" at the back of the head and neck. Based on current knowledge, may not be possible to distinguish juvenile Pied Stilt with non-breeding and juvenile Black-winged Stilt.

Similar looking species: Black-winged Stilt

Habitat: Borders of open wetlands, coastal pools, mudflats and marshy grasslands.


Local Status: Very rare resident

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Robson, C. (2014). Field guide to the birds of South-East Asia (Second Edition). Bloomsbury Publishing, London.

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