Silver-rumped Spinetail

Scientific Name: Rhaphidura leucopygialis
Malay Name: Layang-layang Ekor Pendek Melayu
Chinese Name: 银腰针尾雨燕

Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to the Greater Sundas comprising Sumatra, Java and Borneo.


Size: 11 cm

Identification: Smaller than the other migratory Needletail species but still look robust with all blackish underparts, dark bluish gloss upperparts, prominent silvery-white lower back, rump and uppertail-coverts, short square-cut tail, very broad paddle-shaped wings and bare shafts (spines) extending from tail-tip. Juvenile has less glossy underparts.

Similar looking speciesBrown-backed NeedletailSilver-backed NeedletailWhite-throated Needletail

Habitat: Broadleaved evergreen forest and clearings.

Behaviour/Ecology: Roosts in large tree hollows in the emergent canopy.

Local Status: Very rare non-breeding visitor

Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)

Location: Central Catchment Forest, Poyan and Changi.


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Craig Robson (2011) A Field Guide to the Birds of South-East Asia