Painted Stork

Scientific Name: Mycteria leucocephala
Malay Name: Upih Sawah
Chinese Name: 彩鹳

Breeds in India and southeast Asia.


Size: 93-102 cm

Only similar species recorded locally is Milky Stork, with which this species interbreeds extensively. Differentiated from Milky by three main traits, which must all be present in combination: a distinct and complete black breast-band with white barring (Milky has a clean white breast, while hybrids may show an indistinct or weak breastband); a clear pink flush on the tertials, inner secondaries, and wing-coverts; and black-and-white spotting on the upperwing-coverts (Milky has clean white upperwing-coverts). Individuals which lack any of these features cannot be identified as pure Painted Storks.

Similar looking species: Milky Stork

Habitat: Mangroves, mudflats, and coasts.

Behaviour/Ecology: Gregarious, joining flocks with Milky Storks and hybrid Milky x Painted Storks.

Local Status: Uncommon introduced resident

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (BirdLife International 2016)

Location: Any area of suitable habitat like Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve or Chek Jawa.


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