Masked Finfoot

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Scientific Name: Heliopais personatus
Malay Name: Pedendang Asia
Chinese Name: 亚洲鳍趾鷉

Found from Northeast India, Southern Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos to Vietnam and winter to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra and Java.


Size: 52-54.5 cm

Male has thick yellow bill, grey hind neck and hindcrown, blackish throat and upper foreneck with white border, brownish rest of upperparts, mostly whitish underparts and bright green feet. Female resemble male but throat, upper foreneck and much of lores whitish and has less black on forecrown. Juvenile resembles female but somewhat browner above with no black on forecrown.

Habitat: Rivers in broadleaved evergreen forest, mangroves, swamp forest and sometime pools and lakes away from forest.

Behaviour/Ecology: Usually secretive. Head jerks back and forth when swimming.

Local Status: Very rare migrant

Conservation Status: Endangered (BirdLife International 2016)

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