Java Sparrow

Scientific Name: Lonchura oryzivora
Malay Name: Jelatik Jawa
Chinese Name: 爪哇禾雀

Found from Java to Bali.


Size: 16 cm

Identification: Adult has greyish upperparts and upper breast, pinkish belly, thick reddish bill, black head with white ear-coverts and black rump to tail. Juvenile has brownish upperparts, dull buffish underparts with streakings at upper breast.

Habitat:  Grasslands, parks and open country.


Local Status: Introduced resident, presumed to be extirpated.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable (IUCN 3.1)

Location: Last regularly occurring flock was observed at Serangoon Sewage Works (present day Lorong Halus) in 1987-88. An adult was last photographed at Bishan Park on 23 Aug 2015 and presumed to be a recent escapee.


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