Horsfield’s Bronze Cuckoo

Scientific Name: Chrysococcyx basalis
Malay Name: Sewah-Kilat Australia
Chinese Name: 霍氏金鹃

Breeds in Australia with some population dispersing northwards during the southern hemisphere winter to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore.


Size: 16 cm

Identification: Adult resembles female Little Bronze Cuckoo but has prominent dark-brown eyestripe and contrasting white eyebrow that curve down the sides of the neck, faint brownish streaks on throat, bold barrings at flanks, unbarred belly and rufous-chestnut outertail-feathers.

Similar looking species: Little Bronze Cuckoo

Habitat: Secondary growth, open woodland and grassland near the coast.

Behaviour/Ecology: Feeds mainly on caterpillars and insects, gleaned from branches and foliage. Will also forage on the ground.

Local Status: Rare migrant

Conservation Status: Least Concern (IUCN 3.1)

Location: Over a dozen individuals were observed wintering at Punggol Barat between May-June 2015. Other sightings of single bird were recorded at Lorong Halus, Changi Beach, Tuas, Kranji, Marina South, Marina East, Sentosa and Pulau Tekong.


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