Green Broadbill

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Scientific Name: Calyptomena viridis
Malay Name: Seluwit Biasa
Chinese Name: 绿阔嘴鸟
Alternative Name(s): Little Green Broadbill

Found from the Thai-Malay Peninsula to Sumatra and Borneo

Polytypic. Subspecies are: viridis, gloriosa, siberu.

Local Subspecies: viridis


Male has bright deep green overall plumage with broad tuft of feathers on top of bill, blackish patch on rear of ear-coverts and broad black bars on wing-coverts. Female resembles male but duller with no black markings. Juvenile resembles female but has paler breast and greenish-white vent.

Habitat: Usually found in forest but also wooded areas and gardens in Singapore.

Behaviour/Ecology: Frequents the middle and lower storeys.

Local Status: Very rare non-breeding visitor

Conservation Status: Near Threatened (BirdLife International 2022 Calyptomena viridis)

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