The Singapore Birds Project is a collaborative project by birders to document all the bird species that have been recorded in Singapore. These include residents, migrants, vagrants as well as those that were introduced to the island.

While Singapore is a country with a small land mass, we live in a region of great biodiversity. There are almost 400 birds that have been historically recorded in our bird checklist. A further 100 or so species of introduced/released birds have also been recorded.

We aim to document every one of these species, with description of the birds’ appearance, behaviour, habitat, photos, videos and sighting records. While there are commercially available guide books, apps and even existing websites that provide most of this information, our approach is to cater to the widest possible audience while being non-commercial in nature. We intend to showcase the best pictures and videos of all the species and create awareness on the great diversity of birds in our presence.

This project is not affiliated to any group or organization. Everyone is encouraged to contribute.

The ongoing bird species write up index is at the Singapore Bird List menu item, the downloadable Excel checklist is at the Downloads section, and the contributor list is at Contributors section.