About Us

The Singapore Birds Project was started in January 2016 with the aim to document all the wild birds in Singapore through individual species accounts. As it was a resource aimed at current birders and photographers of all level, we included information we thought to be useful, including photos of the birds, written description on their appearance, their preferred habitat, behaviour, other key features, as well as links to outside resources. The foundation for the website and its content was a constantly updated and accurate bird checklist kept in a database that gradually expanded to include all the elements necessary to support individual species write-ups.

In 2021, we formed the Singapore Bird Records Committee (RC) to better assess the status of Singapore’s avifauna through a formal foothold. We conceptualised and built an integrated RC voting system from the ground up, and an online user record submission system to go with it. In parallel, we published an online resource known as Singapore Bird Database. In it, all known sightings of key species in Singapore are easily searchable, with highly detailed information, links to primary resources, and our RC’s assessment on the individual records.

Starting with a small team, we gradually expanded through the years and slowly completed our species accounts. Tying together all these complex elements into a coherent whole took some time but we are now largely done, and can now focus our energy on some newer projects. Feedback, recommendations and ideas for collaboration are warmly welcome. We believe that the community plays a strong role in documenting our avifauna collectively, and we in-turn work with fervour to create content we are confident will serve the local and regional birding community.